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Professional - together with you

"Where people can work efficiently and have fun, big goals are achieved quickly. Again and again - reliably."

(Matthias Spühler, Owner)

Whether in projects or consulting mandates, our focus is on the human factor:

  • We strengthen internal resources and network knowledge carriers;

  • We create cost/benefit transparency;

  • We ensure the sutstainable impact of achieved goals.


We put your ideas and wishes in the foreground and adapt project procedures to your company culture.

Which goal can we achieve for you?


Companies and individuals achieve their maximum potential.

This is how we create prosperity - not just wealth.


We provide executives and decision-makers with a holistic view of their business environment, their company, customer value and value creation.


We simplify complex issues and make them understandable and feasible.


Wir vereinfachen komplexe Sachverhalte und machen sie damit verständlich und umsetzbar.

Catalytic converter

We use computer science and technology as catalysts for inspiration. Technology should simplify and improve human collaboration.


Wir vereinfachen komplexe Sachverhalte und machen sie damit verständlich und umsetzbar.


We increase the positive impact of leaders. we inspire and make changes possible.


We replace the daily

"To Do"-hamster wheel by

a clear focus on the essentials.

What is the meaning of "eleveneye"?

Our company name includes "eleven" and "eyes", which symbolize our work and our values.

On the one hand, the 11 stands for the equality of people - we work at eye level. As the smallest indivisible prime number, 11 also stands for indivisibility in our values and promises.

The eyes symbolize knowledge, consciousness and open-mindedness. In addition, different points of view and different views are needed to perceive and assess a situation holistically.

In this way, innovative and sustainable solutions are created.

Corporate Body

We give space to ideas and innovations and make development possible.


Our investments:​



Not just words

  • We are a profit-oriented company. Nevertheless, customer benefit has top priority. Where these two interests diverge, we decide in favour of our customers. 

  • We work independently and neutrally.

  • Where our know-how is not sufficient to perform first-class work, we involve partner companies. Where third parties are involved, we declare this transparently.​

  • We handle client mandates and client information confidentially and discreetly.


  • We avoid actions that could injure third parties or damage their reputation.


  • We are against corruption in any form and we do not engage in illegal or incorrect actions.

  • We are happy about open feedback on our work - even if it's negative - because there's nothing worse than repeated mistakes.


We take responsibility for what we do and are aware of our influence. Eleveneye and its employees work according to the following principles:

Customer mandates and projects 

  • Predefined, clearly measurable milestones and targets.

  • Detailed feedback forms.

  • "Go the extra mile".


Working practice 

  • Contexture-method for sustainable success in client mandates.

  • Consistent training and further education.


Fair operating and business practices.

  • Mandate expenses reported transparently, waiver of tax constructs, fair salaries and compensation for employees.

Community involvement and development

  • Development of new standards for sustainable corporate management, together with industry and universities of applied sciences.

  • Know-how share: Quickscore


  • >80% of all business trips by public transport.

  • Purchase of office supplies from sustainable production.

  • Avoidance of business trips / flights through virtual collaboration.

Human rights

  • Personal involvment in NGOs.

  • Offers of indemnity for on-site assignments of our employees.

  • Christmas cards from Médécins sans Frontières.

And last but not least

  • the eleveneye corporation invests specifically in new products that create sustainable value: "Create Prosperity, not just Wealth."

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