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Consulting and
Project Management
  • Consultancy mandates

  • Second opinion
  • Project Management
  • Quality assurance in projects
  • Troubleshooting
  • Interim Management

First-hand Senior Services: Your direct access to experts who strengthen effectively and discreetly.

All our employees have sound consulting, project and management experience in Switzerland and abroud. We listen and bring stakeholders on board. In our mandates, we bring existing expertise to shine, supplement it and make newly created value transparent. In a nutshell: We strengthen your company by taking your projects to the next level. Read more

  • Innovation Workshops

  • Evaluation of UseCases, including cost

  • Digitization of processes

  • Procuring partner contacts and sample cases

  • Business-driven use of new technologies 

  • Project management and quality assurance

The advantages of digitization are manifold - but do you also fit your company? We keep our finger on the pulse so that you can make informed, fact-based decisions.

We are involved in research in teaching, in industry associations and as speakers at various events. So that important findings are shared, forward-looking technologies are examined from different perspectives and decision-makers are broadly networked at an early stage. We keep an eye on feasibility, customer benefit and financial viability - we accompany you from the idea to its implementation.  Read more

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  • 1-hour and half-day assessments

  • Transition companies through change processes

  • Workshops for Leadership Teams

  • Measurably increase the maturity level of companies

Discover the most effective measures and levers to lead your company or individual areas into the future.  

Short assessment within one hour, a helicopter view of your organization, strengths, weaknesses and development potential. We use the tried and tested as well as the new and build on what already exists - for both internal and external insights. Read more


We are experts in the following subject areas,

where we flourish and deliver top performance:


Wie develop products that generate measurable and added value. According to our vision "Create Prosperity, not just wealth".

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Our KnowHow - digitized.
  • Finally a method to manage all your companies intellectual capital

  • 3 key factory - leveryge with impact

  •  What's the "gut feeling" of outstanding leaders is now available in a structured analysis

With the QuickScore you get a new view of the previously invisible key factors for peak performance and the effective levers. Individually analyzed for your company.

Successful companies know: When key factors unfold their full effect, everything can be achieved. Product innovation, service excellence and market positioning which set new standards. However, key metrics and financial indicators often fall short to give you the full picture. That's why we developed the Quick Score Assessment.

Treat yourself to an overall view of the intellectual capital in your company. Take advantage of our individualized recommendations for action. Our know-how - digitized and free of charge. For your competitive edge in the market.

The automated assessment is available in German only. Please contact us for your english verison.

Activities in 2018

In the 2018 financial year, our activities and mandates were broken down as follows:

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