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The invisible key factors for your top performance. Brought to light.

contexture® is a method developed by eleveneye that allows you to structure and measurably control important key factors.

How progressive is your company?


contexture® gives you a new perspective on your company competencies. Get to know the previously invisible key factors of excellence.


Successful companies know: if the invisible key factors unfold their full effect, everything can be achieved. Product innovation, service excellence and a market positioning that sets new standards.  

In addition to the comprehensive, directly measurable key figures and financial indicators, many managers lack an overview of the "soft factors". This is despite the fact that the intangible assets make up over 80% of the market value of the S & P500. We bring these values into focus and put them in the right relationship to your corporate goals, your strategy and the levers that are effective for success.

With the QuickScore you get a new look at your previously invisible ones

Key factors of excellence and you will learn how your company is positioned in this regard.


We would be happy to tell you more about the QuickScore personally .

The method: contexture

contexture® strengthens your impact as a manager, company owner or board member.


The method affects operational and strategic corporate management and strengthens the economic area. In favor of one  sustainable market development.

Wirkung von contexture inkl. Umwelt.png

With that you get  an effective leverage on "soft factors", which often have unexpectedly strong effects  and bring this  in the context of corporate development.

Find out more in our  Short seminar  and they become knowledge carriers of the invisible key factors for  Top performance  in your company.

We wish you and your company lasting success in the market.

Nutzen Sie den QuickScore und verstärken Sie Ihre Wirkung. Weisen Sie Ihren Leadership-Erfolg transparent und messbar aus.

Ich wünsche Ihnen und Ihren Teams viel Spass und Erfolg.

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